Amy VanGerpen (18 Nov 2010)
"The Millennium"

Greeting Doves,
I have the third installment of my "Heaven" studies complete and on the web about the Millennium:
I also wanted to share some thoughts with you about the end of the Millennium that I didn't include in the study.  As we sit here as watchers convinced that the Lord's return in imminent, because the signs are telling us so, the world has no idea what is coming down the line.  We are excited because of our love for the Lord and our desire to be with Him.  Yet life goes on as normal and scoffers abound because they don't want to think about the Lord's return.
Nearing the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ, everybody will know that the final end of the world is drawing near.  What will life be like?  I imagine the youth of the world will feel like their lives will be cheated, because the time of the end is set.  I just wonder if the rebellion occurs because Satan suggests that people can stop the end from coming if they join him.
I also wonder if the world today were to know the exact time of the Lord's return and timeline of the Tribulation if a rebellion similar would occur?  Is the gathering at the end of the Tribulation in Armageddon a similar rebellion?
Just some thoughts on my mind this week....
Amy Van Gerpen
P.S. - I should have my last study done next week on eternity and our relationships in Heaven.