Amanda (15 Nov 2010)
"LEAP YEAR (29) & I'm so thankful for this website!"


I watched the movie "Leap Year" which has been released to dvd's.   The movie was so romantically sweet and a movie to watch with your loved one either by date night or to keep your marriage flames lit.  It was truly, for being pg-13, a cleaner Hollywood movie which romanticized me.  Anyways, what caught my eye was the movie actress Amy McAdams had to get to her boyfriend by the 29th (leap year date) to propose to get married.  It's an old Irish myth and she was determined to do it.  In the meantime she fell madly in love with someone who showed her real love.  It reminded me of Jesus' love real love for us and what if the rapture date was 11-29.  It was stressed it had to be done by the 29th.  

Although, Jan M.s date of the 10 day delay given by the Lord on 11-11-10 takes you to November 21, 2010.  Many have either by vision (me) seen a 21 or in a dream or however else He has spoken that number to you.  The Lord's been giving me a peace.  I know He knows we are all growing weary.  He keeps His promises and by Him letting us know its soon, he's coming....we can know its soon.  I do know that He has told me that by my 32nd birthday on June 14, 2011 that when I asked would I be here for that He said "NOT HERE, NOT HAPPENNING".  So between now and then we should be vanished, caught up, taken away, carried away, snatched....REMOVED.    Keep your heads up and I love this Five Doves website.  I prayed the other night for John and thanking the Lord for him and to keep His hand on this website and bless it.  Thanks to all and I'm so glad I have someone to talk to about what He says to me or what's on my mind.    I feel like we are one big family.   Can't wait to meet all of!