Phil (22 Apr 2022)
"Re :-Ted Porter (15 May 2022),"Re: Luis Vega (8 May 2022) FOOD WARS - Catastrophic Crop Collapse Fall 2022""


John and Doves,

Featuring prominently in Ted's letter is the date of September 23rd, 2015.

I would like to point out that this date is probably widely known to many as the date that Obama hosted the Pope in the White House.
Yes, the 266th Pope on the 266th day of the year.
The next two days, the 24th and the 25th, Obama hosted Xi Jinping in the WH.
If you count back from Jinping's next birthday to the 23rd September 2015 it is exactly 266 days.
So something is going on there as 266 days is the normal gestation period for twins.

The 24th and the 25th (add to 49 or 7x7) are the two centre days of the 8 day period the Pope was in the USA. Both dates either side also add to 49 as well etc etc.
So if you look at the number of days since both Obama's and the Pope's last birthdays and the 24th and the 25th and add them together it comes to 666days.
Likewise for both days either side ie the 23rd and the 26th both add to 666 etc etc up to the 21st and the 28th. ie absolutely splattered with 666's.

But the key date is the 23rd when the Pope was with Obama in the WH.

Keep looking up,