Neil Lipken (22 May 2022)
"Biden just announced that Sweden and Finland will be entering NATO! (Thursday morning)"

Reading a teleprompter from the Rose Garden, Biden just announced this.   Russia is not going to like it, and I believe this will "fuel the flames" of the ongoing Russia / Ukraine war.   I also believe that the globalists want a bigger war so that in the aftermath of it they can convince the world that a global government is necessary to prevent these types of wars from occurring again.   This coming global government will indeed be put in place by the antichrist after the upcoming Rapture during the Tribulation Period.   This global government is a counterfeit of the true global government that will begin with the Second Coming of Christ and last for 1000 years.   Jesus (Israel's Messiah) will rule on the throne of King David from Jerusalem.


P.S.   Biden read from a teleprompter,  but without it it would not be likely that he would be able to say much that would be coherent!   I would guess that after this speech he will need to take a nap.   The poor guy is not a spring chicken!