Neil Lipken (22 May 2022)
"Amir Tsarfati: Breaking News: Israel just put Iran on notice! 😳"

This short video is from May 17th.   Amir Tsarfati is an Israeli believer in the Messiah (Jesus), and not only has a ministry ("Behold Israel"), but he also is an expert on the Israeli military.   This short video reveals (along with so many other current world events!) that we are drawing ever closer to the "sudden destruction" / Rapture event!   The hour is late in these End Times, and one should take heed and know Israel's long rejected Messiah (Jesus) as their Lord and Savior!   Anyone who misses the Rapture is going to face the most terrifying time (the 7 year Tribulation Period) in all of human history!

Should you be reading this and you are Jewish, go look up in the Old Testament Micah 5:2, Psalm 22:14-18, and all of Isaiah 53!   It is simply a no-brainer Who our JEWISH Messiah is!   Humans lie, but God tells the truth!