Lynnette (22 May 2022)
"Pre- Memorial Day 2022 USA / Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings Cardiologist"

May 16, 2022
    Dear John andFiveDoves ,
Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings
May 16 , 1922 - January 5, 2010
served during World War II in the US Navy
and in the US Army  during the Korean War .
He served as doctor of  President Dwight Eisenhower and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
He was an American Cardiologist and author.
He had an unusual life changing  experience while reviving a patient.

His experience led him to research more
people revived who reported seeing life after life.
His research has been documented .He has authored several books. He also has a movie documentary on YouTube called
"To Hell and Back documentary" 

I give Glory to God for his military service and following years in Tennessee.
Blessings, Lynnette