Fay (22 May 2022)
"THE Proxy War"


Hi John and Doves,

The Russia/Ukraine war was a proxy war from the very beginning. These are are some of the obvious truths explained in this article. And we can recognise them as truths because the author provides evidence. I cannot recommend reading this article highly enough. The comparisons to the Vietnam war are undeniable. Except this latest war is far more lethal. Much like Vietnam, which was used as a "safe" arena for the west to conduct a proxy war against communism - so too is Ukraine being used as an "arena" to conduct war against Russia without actually admitting that it IS a war against Russia and has little to do with Ukraine. As in Vietnam, the globalists sit back and enjoy the show while ordinary human beings get themselves murdered.

Other details include the obvious playbook the globalists use when it becomes apparent that the general population are waking up. They start a war - to distract and obfuscate. I know we all know this, but the author brings in other details that make it even more obvious.

The media have done a good job in creating confusion - wearing us all down. This article enables us to get our collective ducks in a row and recognise what is going on. Once we realise the truth and gather our scrambled thoughts together - it becomes very clear indeed.