Fay (22 May 2022)
"W.H.O.  Do they think They Are?"


Hi John and Doves,

I am a huge fan of Neil Oliver of GB News. He articulates exactly what we are all thinking and feeling. In the link is a short clip from Neil Oliver regarding the Provisional Agenda 16.2. Brilliant stuff. I had missed this clip for some reason but accessed it off the Rev12Daily website - thanks to the talented Luis Vega. We all need affirmation of our private thoughts. Neil Oliver says - with fabulous articulation - what we are all thinking and feeling. A short clip which is not to be missed.

I am so grateful that a lot of people are awake to the danger of this upcoming WHO meeting. What a bunch of lunatics. Bill Gates needs to be taken away from making decisions on behalf of the world's people. And Tedros G should have been imprisoned already. His record of what he perpetuated in Ethiopia is disgusting. Evil has (temporarily) taken over.

Please come, LORD Jesus.