Chance (22 May 2022)
"Neil Lipkin:  "Ukraine:  It's What People Don't See That Matters""

Hello Neil Lipken, John, and Doves,
Neil Lipken (15 May 2022) posted an excellent article in the link in his letter last week. 
Putin, the New World Order, and the upcoming Rapture!
In case you missed it - well worth your time to read through it.  I believe the author does a very good job in discerning what is really going on in Ukraine.  And reminding us of the sovereignty of our Creator.  'God is still on the throne!'
We have two sides fighting for world least that what it looks like now  - WEF/Zelensky/Klaus Schwab/NATO/globalists on one side and Putin/Russia/CCP/China/NK/Iran on the other side.
A few quotes that I want to share from the article:
"Despite what we hear from the WEF and from the Chinese Foreign minister, neither side offers anything that even vaguely resembles freedom.  Both seek to enslave humanity under a Marxist totalitarian government."
"Satan can only do so much through his minions until God says the time is right for the globalists to finish setting up the kingdom over which the antichrist will briefly rule."  
"Putin possesses supersonic nuclear missiles that can destroy any city in the world....Despite his frightening arsenal, and it's indeed over-the-top terrifying, President Putin cannot violate God's sovereign control of history as He sets the stage for the coming Tribulation."
"If the Lord's future judgment of the world involves Putin's nuclear missiles, the Russian president will fire them when God allows and not one second earlier."
Important notes:  "Nothing can happen apart from God's appointed timing."  The Lord will take His believers from the world before the Tribulation starts when the Antichrist takes over ((and then all THEIR hell can break loose)).
'God is still on the throne!"
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!