Candy (22 May 2022)
"Question for Neil Lipkin"

Hello, Neil:

Several Bible prophecy teachers are advancing the strong possibility of a Rosh Hashana Rapture this year. One of these teachers is Mark Biltz who explains that it is not only the end of a Shemitah year, but the start of a Jubilee year and also a year of the Hakhel. These three only occur together every 50 years. I agree that the Rapture will most likely occur on a future Rosh Hashana since it is the next feast to be fulfilled prophetically. It is also feast number 5, which is the number of grace, significant to the Church.

My question is how can we be certain that this is truly a Shemitah and Jubilee year given all the calendar changes and questionable record keeping over the years since the feasts were first instituted? We are certainly in the “red zone” of a generation of 70-80 years since the rebirth of Israel, so we have to be pretty close. I would really like your perspective as a believer with a Jewish background. Thanks.