Greg Wilson (30 May 2021)
"Re: Gino: 05.16.21: pre-trib confirmation"

Greg Wilson (26 May 2021)

Re: Gino: 05.16.21: pre-trib confirmation


Gino:  I did not use a calendar to compute the day of the Feast of Pentecost.  I counted days reckoned from the Spring Equinox 2021.   God gave Moses the new biblical calendar.


The Lord said, "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." (Exodus 12:2)  The Lord called it the beginning of months, or Month 1.   The common names Abib or Nisan originated in Babylon.  Biblically, the Lord's months did not have names.  They had numbers.  It was based on the lunar calendar.   Month 1 is the time the Lord established the Passover in preparation for Israel's exodus from Egypt.


On what day did the Lord speak Exodus 12:2 to Moses?   It must have been the day of the new moon following the Spring Equinox.  This is my best educated estimate of days.   So, I reckoned Month 1 or Abib/Nisan from the Spring Equinox 2021 or from March 20, 2021.  The first new moon following the Spring equinox fell on April 12-13.  


Counting 14 days to Passover from Nisan 1 results in April 27, 2021 on our Gregorian calendar.  The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins on the 15th day of the same month or April 28, 2021  on our calendar.   The Festival of First Fruits and its associated "wave sheaf offering" is to be celebrated "on the morrow after the Sabbath".   This year because the Feast of Unleavened Bread occurred on the Sabbath or April 28/29, we skip a week and go to the morrow after next Sabbath which would be May 2, 2021.


The Feast of Weeks/Pentecost is counted seven Sabbath weeks (49 days) from the "morrow after the "wave sheaf offering".  This count is 50 days from First Fruits or June 20 on our calendar.


Pentecost was designed to be celebrated on our "Sunday" or the Jewish first day of the new week.  It represents the 8th day or "new beginnings".  Circumcision was performed on the 8th day representing God's covenant relationship, a new beginning.   This is the proper method for counting days based on Exodus 12, 34 and Leviticus 23.   It has nothing to do with anybody's calendar.  It is a day count from the new moon based on the biblical text with the exception of my inference that it all begins following the Spring Equinox.


As you know, God has historically fulfilled all of the Spring festivals on the exact day.   Jesus was chosen on the 10th day. (Exodus 12: 3-5)   Jesus was crucified on Passover, as the atonement offering once for all who would receive Him.  (Exodus 12:6)  He was resurrected on Sunday during First Fruits.  He was in the symbol of the wave sheaf grain offering.  (John 12:24).   On Pentecost, God give the Holy Spirit to believers.  This gift has continued during the age of Pentecost.  The Age of Pentecost will end with the Resurrection of the dead in Christ and the translation and catching out of the living in Christ.  This will happen on Pentecost.   The "two loaf wave offering of bread" represents the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the catching out of the living in Christ.  The two loaves represent the Church being lifted up to God, just as Jesus was lifted up to God.  The resurrection/rapture completes the Feast of Pentecost in symbolism and truth.   Paul explains the two-step process of the (1) earnest deposit of the Holy Spirit followed by (2) the redemption of the body at the end of the Pentecostal Age.


This truth is consistent with 1 Peter 1:11 where we are encouraged and study and search the Scriptures of Truth including the "manner of time" when the Glory of Jesus should appear.


What is that day and time of Pentecost?   My best estimate/educated guess is that the Feast of Pentecost will be on whatever day and hour our Lord so chooses despite all calendar confusion.  It will be the LORD's Feast of Pentecost.


In Christ, Greg Wilson