Fay (30 May 2021)
"Nigel Farage. A National Emergency!"


This video clip from Nigel Farage of Brexit fame. He conducted a mini research into the crisis at the southern border of the United States. What he uncovered is not simply a crisis. It is an EMERGENCY. America is being literally flooded with drug cartels and criminals. All fighting age, young men. The media diversionary tactic of focusing on young children at the border, being separated from their parents etc., is but one aspect of this sickening drama. The physical proof of the drug cartels swarming into America, are shown in this clip. The sound isn't great. I had to use earphones.

Please don't tell me that the powers-that-be are unaware of this. They keep repeating the mantra of "poor refugees". They know EXACTLY what's happening. Every move they make is deliberate - methodical - destructive. Why do we keep blaming their apparent "ignorance" of the real situation? They know precisely what they are doing. The Dems appear to be on a path to destroy Israel. Destroy America. Destroy Christianity.

BUT, God. Thank God.