Fay (30 May 2021)
"The Head Watchman has Blood on it's Hands"


Hi John and Doves,

As our western nations are all based on Judeo/Christian beliefs, it is our duty to warn Israel of danger. We have a spiritual duty to protect Israel.

As you will see in the article from JPost in the link - this is NOT the case. The Biden administration is openly aiding and abetting the dangers to Israel. And this with the approval of the other western nations. The EU., UK., U.N. etc. ALL have blood on their hands.

The focus has zoned in on Jerusalem... BIG TIME! Jerusalem is now " a Cup of Trembling". A Stumbling Block. And all the nations are about to feel the sheer fury and wrath of God Almighty.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Please come, LORD Jesus.