Chance (30 May 2021)
"Origin Of Covid Virus Narrative Unraveling"


Hello John and Doves,
The Covid-19 narrative is unraveling as more and more news stations, politicians, doctors, etc. have started (or continued) questioning the origin of the Covid-19 virus.  Every day I am seeing TV news anchors cover this story.
FOX news announced today, 5/29, that there are 2 bills in the House - one that would allow U.S. citizens the right to sue China for Covid (stripping sovereign immunity from China) and another to investigate the origin of the virus - specifically looking at the military biosafety level 4 lab in Wuhan, run by the Chinese Communist Party.  These are bipartisan bills.   House bills targeting China would launch coronavirus 'origins' probe, allow victims' families to sue Beijing
The ONLY reason Biden is supporting an investigation as to the origin of the virus is because he's on the 'hot seat' with Republicans AND Democrats.
Biden has "asked the Intelligence Community to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion, and to report back to me in 90 days," Biden said Wednesday."
House bills targeting China would launch coronavirus 'origins' probe, allow victims' families to sue Beijing
I am sure China put pressure on Biden to contain this and get back control of 'the narrative'.  WHO (World Health Organization) supports China's refusal to cooperate with any investigations about the origin of the virus. China has stated that the initial 'investigation' by WHO was the final/complete investigation and so will not take part in any further investigations.  WHO knows a whole lot more than they are saying.  And Biden made the U.S. rejoin WHO as one of his first orders as president. 
The US Rejoins the WHO Under the Biden Administration - Here's Why That's Important

Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a lab and then tried to cover their tracks, new study claims | Daily Mail Online
"An explosive new study claims that Chinese scientists created Covid-19 in a Wuhan lab, and then tried to cover their tracks by reverse-engineering versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats."  The authors of the report go on to write that China deliberately destroyed, concealed or contaminated data and 'silence and disappeared' Chinese scientists who exposed this.  
The authors of the study/paper are Professor Angus Dalgeish and Dr. Birger Sorensen.  Dalgeish is a professor of Oncology at St George's University, London; he worked at the UK Institute of Cancer Research where he 'helped identify CD4 as the major cellular receptor for HIV (resulting in the first vaccine)...and He also identified the close correlation between the immune response and the presence of tropical spastic paraparesis in patients infected with HTLV-1 virus.  He has authored numerous papers on cancer, immunotherapies, AIDS, etc.  He even co-authored a paper with Dr. Sorensen on "Biovacc-19:  A Candidate Vaccine for Covid-19 Developed from Analysis of its General Method of Action for Infectivity."  QRD_2000008 1..11
Dr. Sorensen is a virologist and chair of Immunor, a pharmaceutcal company "which developed a coronavirus vaccine candidate called Biovacc -19"  Professor Dalgeish co-authored a paper on Biovacc-19..
Just last year, these two men published a study in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics, claiming" that the coronvirus's spike protein contains sequences that appear to be artificially inserted."  This spike allows the virus to interact with cells in the human body.  Their research shows that this virus may have been created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  (This article is dated June 7, 2020)
Controversial Coronavirus Lab Origin Claims Dismissed By Experts
They got slammed for their accusations against China.  In fact, anyone who questioned the origin of the virus that was outside of the given narrative was mocked, debunked, discredited, and shut up.
And now that more and more people, politicians, doctors, virologists, etc. are starting to wake up and point fingers at the Chinese Communist Party/China, Dr. Dalgeish and Dr. Sorensen are back in the news!
Dr. Fauci has been on the 'hot seat' during questioning by Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensison Committee where he denies funding the Wuhan lab to work on 'gain of function' for this particular virus.  And now his statements have been debunked!  Fauci is lying.
Dr. Dalgeish and Dr. Sorenssen's study showed "evidence to suggest Chinese scientists created the virus while working on a Gain of Function project in a Wuhan lab.  (Gain of function in relation to a pathogen means a pathogen that is enhanced in its transmissibility and/or virulence.)
Dr. Fauci, back in 2012 stated that the 'voluntary moratorium' on 'gain of function' research should be allowed because "the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks."  He "defended controversial 'gain of function' research and said the benefits 'outweigh' the risks of a potential pandemic.
Fauci said benefits of 'gain of function' outweigh risks of pandemic

And in 2017 Dr. Fauci was "pushing to renew government funding for gain of function research.
At the above mentioned Senate meeting with Fauci, testimony stated that NIH funds (under Fauci) were granted to the Wuhan lab for this exact kind of research.  In fact, the paper written by Wuhan lab scientists states funding in part from NIH! 
Biosafety Expert Explains Why Fauci’s NIH ‘Gain-of-Function’ Testimony Was ‘Demonstrably False’
Biden's 'intelligence' report on the origins of the virus will be just as manipulative and untruthful as the 9/11 Commission report.  Americans got nothing!  China will be free and clear and any more such nonsense about China will be banned. 
I have written before that as THEIR narrative begins to unravel about the origins of Covid-19 that THEY will then begin implementation of Plan B.  THEY will not, at this point - this far along in their plans to destroy America and depopulate/mass murder Americans - absolutely will not take one step back! 
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!