A Goodrick (30 May 2021)
"Iran takes Iraq; U.S.military base is near Bagdad"

John and Doves,

At midnight Wednesday,
May 26, 2021  (R)Tanks came into Bagdad, Iraq and demanded that the proxy-Iranian leader of Hasid al Shabbi--
Qasim Muslih-- be released. 
He was arrested for leading the
 *rocket attacks* upon our American military base, 
Ain al Asad.

Iraq is now under Iranian control.

Amir : "The Last Jihad"

According to Bible Prophecy, Iran and Iraq will join forces as the "Medes".
Jeremiah 51:28.

I am praying for Psalm 91  angelic protection over our brave forces there in Iraq and the Mideast. We stand with you in prayer.

 "May no weapon formed against them prosper."
Isaiah 54:17
In Jesus Name. Amen

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