A Goodrick (30 May 2021)
"Amir: Europe Ready for World Leader"

John and Doves,

This expose of how ripe Europe is to hail the coming world leader
(Revelation 13) is so complete in its historical roots, that it is a MUST
for understanding evil world history....it's birthing in each generation since the Tower of Babel, and culminating in Europe's seat of Satan.

Amir reveals who Antipas is...who the woman riding the beast is (Revelation 17)...the idolatry within the architecture of E U government buildings in Brussels, CERN and many more revealing facts.

I will have to watch this video several times to assimilate all the information.

Amir gave this presentation at Jan Markell's ministry 
in Maple Grove, M N. a suburb of St. Paul. 

This is so relevant to what is soon coming.

Europe Ready for Antichrist

Amir' s website

Thank you, Mizzy, for your links to Amir Tsarfati. 

Amir lives practically on the real estate of the Armageddon battlefield.
(Jezreel Valley, Megeddo)