A Goodrick (30 May 2021)
"Americans Against Antisemitism"

John and Doves,

Senator Bernie Sanders
equates the violence of antisemitism with the *made-up* phrase 
"Islamophobia", which isn't even a reality.

No one has "Islamophobia"...a *manufactured name* born out of hypocracy, simply by the fact that there is zero (0) number of incidents against Muslims here in America, and yet there are innumerable numbers of violence against Jews here in America.
(please see video)

Dov Hikind

Everyone I know loves Islam to the extent of Truth. Certainly Bernie Sanders and his "squad"
do not love Islam to the full extent of Truth. If they did, they would not posture Islam against

Dov Hikind calls Sanders out on his phony, negative dissembling, and instead leads the cause of "Americans Against Antisemitism"...a positive medicine for the healing of our nation.

What positive contribution have you made, Mr. Sanders, for healing our nation of Antisemitism?

A weak person complains.
A strong person mends.

Genesis 12:3
"I will bless them that bless thee;
and will curse him that
curseth thee".