Rene (10 May 2020)

WHAT IS all this virulent SCORN that the FDA, AMA, NIH, CDC have for a $20.00 treatment that works for covid19 patients when given BEFORE they are half dead OR on a respirator AND FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE! If given in the early setting, when first diagnosed, Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko and HUNDREDS OF other physicians (like Karladine Graves for example), ARE DISCOVERING THAT all the patients THAT they treated early BEFORE they got too sick and had to go to the ER or end up on a respirator were well in less than 2 days and some were back to work (unless their company had locked up) within 4 or 5 days! AND SOME EVEN REPORTED FEELING BETTER WITHIN 8-24 HOURS OF STARTING THE TREATMENT!!!   These are doctors that have treated over 2000 patients now, between them, with amazing results! This does not include all the hundreds of physicians in other countries who are getting the same good results with thousands of patients. India is so densely populated with over a billion people that she provided Hydroxychloroquine to all her first responders, family members of those who were diagnosed with the virus, patients, EMS workers, food service workers, and other public servants as needed. WhY??? Because INDIA is not using the virus for a POLITICAL agenda! India CARES about her citizens! Most of the beaurocrats in Washington do NOT CARE about their citizens. MOST OF THEM would rather see YOU and your loved ones drop dead of this virus (to inflate the numbers even higher) and keep the country locked down indefinitely in order to CRASH the economy completely, hoping that would be a defeat for Trump this coming November! AND THAT is exactly how much the elites, the US news media, big pharma, the FDA, etc. etc. ad nauseum care about YOU, and how much they HATE Trump and want to push thru their New World Order Agenda -- and if YOU haven't figured that out by now - just wait another week or two when SWAT teams are forcing their way into your front door in order to FORCE YOU and every one in your family to be vaccinated at GUN POINT with an unproven, experimental vaccine that could very well KILL you before COVID ever reaches you!  Dr. Zelenko wrote to the Minister of Health in Israel and offered him the treatment protocol he has been using, but the Minister of Health refused it.  THEN, lo and behold! the Minister of Health developed COVID19 and he was quickly phoning Dr. Zelenko asking for help in using the hydroxychloroquine and zinc! Isn't it just AMAZING how the tune changes when the shoe is on the other foot? They don't want YOU to have it, but if they get sick?  Well the sky is falling and they are begging for this simple treatment, And as far as all these libertards in the news Media and the NIH, FDA, etc., sitting behind their cozy desks attacking these front line physicians? Well they should remember that this virus, though it is being used as a political footfall, has no affinity for one party or the other. It attacks Demoncrats, Republicans, Independents, RINOS, and Libertards (Liberals) without racism or discretion! The very ones who are screaming AGAINST the use of these proven treatments will be the FIRST ones to squeal like the rats they are and beg for them when THEY ARE THE ONES who are SICK!!! Dr. Zelenko is urging the President to make this medicine available for all primary care physicians, first responders, family members who are exposed to another family member in the home who is infected (as well as the ones infected), firemen, food workers, EMS workers, etc. etc. Dr. Graves says if this is done, we could open the country within a WEEK when all these meds are distributed, and Dr. Zelenko agrees with her! SO, WHAT IS IT? WHY are physicians in Denver having to SUE their governor just to get their hands on this simple, inexpensive treatment? WHY HAS EVERYONE IN THE MEDIA TOTALLY VILLIFIED IT - CALLED IT TRUMP'S SNAKE OIL TREATMENT? NOT A PROVEN CURE--- COULD HAVE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS, WARNING +++ WARNING +++ WARNING +++ DON'T TAKE IT FOR COVID19!!! YADA, YADA, YADA!!!!!!?? HAVE YOU EVER - EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE? Dr. Karladine Graves has received intimidations and warnings against using it! Some pharmacies refuse to fill it if your doctor sends you with the script! State Governors are preventing the drug from being prescribed! Physicians are threatened with losing their licenses if they prescribe it in some states! But the doctors are on the front lines! They are SEEING the amazing results with these meds and they KNOW that they work! They too are perplexed by what is happening! Dr. Zelenko believes the elderly and caregivers in nursing homes should be provided these meds, yet governors are fighting to keep them out of their reach! Just let 'em die, right?? And our national stockpile keeps on piling up... Oh and by the way if you think FEMA has been given too much power, consider this. The VA hospitals ordered millions of face masks, FEMA confiscated ALL of them and put them in the national stockpile, and during times of Martial Law, if you have food stored in your home, or water, or blankets, etc. etc. FEMA can come in without a warning or a warrant and confiscate anything and everything you own for THEIR use (I mean it is an emergency, right? For the good of ALL? A favorite phrase of the Communist Party!) This isn't America, folks. This is NAZI, Germany. Consider the Governor of one county who ordered strict lock downs for everyone in the county!  Then - ooOOPs! someone snapped a picture of her out and about going into a nail salon for a manicure! She finally had to admit that her decision to do so was in poor taste.  I mean a hypocrite, is a hyprocrite, is a hypocrite, and we've seen a LOT of them since corona came on the scene! Have you ever watched any of these press releases? Members of the Corona task force are huddled together behind the POTUS and the press sits elbow-to-elbow in fold out chairs. You NEVER see any of them social distancing! They aren't wearing masks. So, what gives? Am I missing something here? This is like the guy on a city bus that the driver threw off because he didn't have a mask! (Well, why didn't they just give the man one?) And the two black guys who were thrown out of a WalMart because they DID have masks on and shoppers felt intimidated by them. And the insanity goes on and on and on.....

There are several reasons and they are all, every one of them very EVIL and very SINISTER for what is happening with Hydroxychloroquine and zinc!  First of all, the FDA, AMA, NIH, CDC are NOT your friends, folks! They could care less if you all dropped dead tomorrow! Follow the MONEY TRAIL! They were sending direct letters to funeral homes to tell morticians to inflate the number of people dying from corona. It didn't matter if they were a traffic wreck or a heart attack. They were being told to put them down as deaths from COVID19! This was to intentionally and fraudulently inflate the number of fatalities to MAKE this pandemic look MUCH WORSE than what it really is and to instill FEAR, Chaos, and uncertainty into the American people!  Bill Gates, George Soros and Dr. Fauci (Dr. Fiasco) are in bed together and joining them are the NIH, the FDA, AMA and CDC! Dr. Fauci came out on the news yesterday and announced with a mile-wide grin from ear-to-ear that they just got some good news on a COVID drug that is showing promise. It is given by IV and has to be given in the hospital and is called "Remdesivir (pardon if I have misspelled that). He was all bouncy and happy because this ONE drug, ONE injection by IV is $1000.00 and he has invested money in getting  this drug tested and approved (fast-tracked, they call it).  Remember, that it was the FDA that approved the use of Hydroxychloroquine, but ONLY in the hospital setting for those with corona! In other words, you can't use it unless you are already sick enough to be admitted to the hospital! So, Fauci is getting a hunk of change everytime this IV drug is used and he gets NOTHING when Hydroxychloroquine  (HCQ) is used!  The big pharma companies make their money off of vaccines and thousand dollar drugs, not off of a cheap pennies-to-the-pill drug like HCQ! THIS IS THE ENTIRE REASON WHY HCQ/ZINC/ZPAK ARE BEING SWEPT UNDER THE RUG, VILIFIED AND DENIED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC! But hear this - ! This cheap drug was already tested and approved for efficacy and SAFETY in treating Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and MALARIA more than 60 years ago, and millions upon millions of scripts have been written for it, and NONE of the people getting the meds have ever been asked to get an EKG BEFORE they would get the pills! It is considered a safe, effective medication with very, very rare chance of any side effects and then only mild! What would YOU rather do? Die a miserable death choking for air on a ventilator with an IV of Remdisivir hanging out your arm - or ingest a few Hydroxychloroquine and zinc (sometimes Zithromycin too) pills approved for you by your doctors office and filled at your local pharmacy BEFORE your virus reaches the point where you are sick enough that you have to go to the ER and you are so short of breath that you are told you HAVE to be placed on a vent to save your life? The thing is, our government is not giving us these choices, folks! They are purposely withholding HCQ/Zinc/Zpak treatment, not only because they would rather stick you with thousands of dollars of Remdisivir (to make Dr. Fiasco happy & the company that developed it), Or JUST wait A LITTLE BIT NOW - BECAUSE THEY ARE FEVERISHLY WORKING TO DEVELOP A VACCINE TO SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD, AND WE CAN'T GET BACK TO NORMALCY UNTIL THE ENTIRE GLOBE IS VACCINATED - THOSE ARE THE WORDS OF BILL GATES! And of course, you are supposed to be given a certificate (or bracelet? or RFID chip) to PROVE you got the vaccine or have the antibodies!  There is a woman in Chicago who got up on a stage a couple of days ago in front of a huge gathering of citizens to make an announcement. She was announcing that a brand new vaccine was coming out and everyone in Chicago would soon get their chance to line up and receive it! She even said, "We've already got all the syringes we need, we're just waiting on the final touches on the vaccine!"  And she was SO HAPPY!  NO, she was EXHILERATED! She was literally bouncing as she talked, except you didn't see many people in that large audience "bouncing up and down" with her. It's so pathetic!  You can be certain if this vaccine is made by Mederma and some other vaccine companies, they will have aborted fetal cell tissues ("fetal cell lines" they call them) as part of the makeup of the vaccine, along with aluminum, mercury and other products you would never put into your own body. But some of these ingredients are disinfectants (except the aborted baby cells), so you would, in essence, be letting them pump disinfectants into your arm. When President Trump make a comment in jest one day about maybe people should just inject themselves with disinfectants, there was a HUGE UPROAR as if the press actually thought people might go home and drink Klorox or try to inject it into their bodies! They were saying OH NO! THOSE THINGS ARE toxic! You can't inject disinfectants into your body. That's "snake oil" garbage! Well, what did they just do?  They just ADMITTED THAT the disinfectants in vaccines are toxic and you should not be putting them in your body! Hello?! 

Think about this. WHO IS BILL GATES? Just a man with a few billion dollars, right? He never finished college, he was never elected to any office (did you vote for him for anything? I never did!) He never allowed any of his OWN CHILDREN to be vaccinated, yet he wants YOU to let HIM and his sick cronies vaccinate YOU and YOUR children with this NEW vaccine. He admitted LIVE that the plan is to vaccinate everyone on the planet and don't think it's going to be a choice! I mean it's YOUR BODY RIGHT? Don't you have a choice to do what you WANT with your own body? Just ask any pro-choicer and they will tell you!!! NO one messes with YOUR body!  WELL NOT ACCORDING TO BILL GATES AND NOT WHEN IT COMES TO IMPLEMENTING VACCINES FOR ALL! Bill Gates also got on a LIVE PROGRAM and admitted that no vaccine is totally safe and as many as 1% of the population could have adverse side effects, but that  was a very low number when you weigh all the GOOD THAT this vaccine will do to the rest of the population that won't have side effects. (Side effects =  "Guillian-Barre Syndrome" or paralysis that is permanent or may only last a few dozen years or so; severe anaphylactic reactions = death; blindness; crippling, deafness - you know - all the usual side effects & autoimmune disorders that are seen today from children who are given many dozens of vaccines from the time they hit the delivery table! 

WELL DO THE MATH! Do you have any idea what ONE PERCENT of 7 billion people is (and we probably have more people than that right now, because in April 2020, the world population was supposed to reach nearly 7.7 billion. But I digress. We will stick with 7 billion. 1% of 7 billion people (whom they claim will probably suffer side effects, which also includes death from the vaccine, is SEVENTY MILLION PEOPLE!  He talked like that was just a drop in the bucket. You know - we have to be willing to sacrifice a FEW now, for the GOOD OF ALL! RIGHT? Isn't that your motto, Bill Gates?  And who makes the trillions of dollars off of such a massive vaccine endeavor? The pharmaceutical companies that develop them and yes, Bill Gates does own some vaccine companies, so he would be an even wealthier tyrant when all is said and done than he is now, and so would his friends Dr. Fiasco and George Soros. I couldn't find a better trio from hell itself if I scoured all the dirt and dust of the earth! And if there are a few BAD batches - well, just remember vaccines, once injected CAN NEVER be recalled, unlike your old Buick out there!  So sorry, you are STUCK with them for life!  I think if Gates comes out with this "wonderful" vaccine that will jump start our countries again, he should get on LIVE TV and him and his wife and their kids should be the first ones to take them, don't you?  Then we could wait a few days and see if they have any adverse effects, right??! I am in no way telling people to never get vaccines. Just realize that most vaccines take months and even years to develop. Very few are given a "fast-track" status meaning that they have not been put through the usual rigorous safety studies normally done for the sake of TIME!  But hey, what's 70 million people, right?  Their goal is depopulation of the earth and this may be a start! According to their "Agenda-21" and the "Georgia Guide stones," they want to get the population of the earth down to what they consider a "sustainable" 500 million people. WOW! That means that a LOT of people would have to die  - billions! And the Satanic elites are the ones who want to be able to choose who will live and who will die. (And if you don't believe this, I challenge you to take a trip to Georgia and READ the Georgia Guide stones!) This isn't new. Any fringe group looking for a "golden new age" or a "utopia" ALWAYS, ALWAYS starts out by KILLING people  - they are all bloody killers! Always have been, always will be. MAO in China killed 80 million of his own people in order to bring in Communism . He only killed the Christians and the ones who objected to what they were doing, that's all. And of course, the FIRST thing any of these "Utopia" builders does is disarm the populace! I mean - they wouldn't want anybody shooting at THEM after all, would they?  Well, if you read your Bible, the Book of Revelation in the very back already tells us how the future is going to come out. During the great Tribulation, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, many, many people will die from all the wrath unleashed by God on a wicked and unbelieving and unrepenting world, but guess WHAT? All these Satanic elites don't get to CHOOSE who lives or dies after all! GOD DOES! God ALWAYS wins in the end and HE gets HIS WAY! Never forget that, and you will have a lot more wisdom than about 80% of the people in the world today, who have no fear of a Holy God, and who only want to just hold hands and get along and get rid of God so that they can have peace and prosperity WITHOUT HIM! And do their "own thing!" I'm Okay, You're Okay! We're ALL Okay! Yay! Yay! And THAT is when "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." (Psalm 3:4.) And as we all know, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." (Psalm 14:1) And that means YOU and ME and ALL our KIN! We are all hopeless and LOST sinners & we need a Savior! Indoors or out, have a great day!

PS AND if you want Hydroxychloroquine and zinc available should you or a loved one desperately need it, you best be getting busy and WRITING your SENATORS & your CONGRESSMEN and calling them on the phone and calling the White House. All it would take is an Executive Order from Trump. He might as well take advantage of them.  Obama sure did. He wrote more Executive Orders than all the presidents in American History combined!