Patty Hayes (31 May 2020)
"Update on me & strange choices in a church"

Hi to all!  

I want to say thank you to all who have been praying for me, Fay & 1 Cor. 10:31, and others of you as well.  I have a great report.  After blood work,  CT Scans & Mammogram, I am healthy.  There is no more cancer, Thyroid meds in check and good level, since I have no Thyroid due to prior cancer.  No more breast cancer.  All blood work is great!!  Two things to pray for is a cure for Lipedema and my inner left knee for return of cartilage.  Lipedema is what grows the body size whether you want it to or not. You can google it and realize it can become very dangerous.  I am doing all I can to fight it.  I am walking with my hiking poles for endurance, strength and movement of arms and legs.  I am increasing there.  Yay!!

My brother Mike is home and doesn't answer his phone.  Not surprise there.  He is to report to therapist 1x a week, work out with his sons 3xs weekly and to volunteer weekly at an animal shelter to be engaged and also medically do see Neurologist as for his Seizures and Dementia.   Keep him in your prayers for salvation in Jesus, he and whole family. 

Now, my church which has been associated with the Evangelical Free Church Denomination since its founding, and theology is literal/historical and Premillennial in Eschatology.  They are Dispensational over the many years believing in a literal 7 year Tribulation but leave room for a Pre/Mid or Post Tribulation understanding.  This week they chose to abandon the Eschatological teaching of Premillennial thought and replaced it with the word "Glorious" in the Statement of Faith.  I have read numerous statements of Faith for varying Denominations, Independent Churches and such.  The thought being to "own" what you believe and stand for.  It was brought up by me that it is important to maintain the statement if you believe and teach Premillennialism, the maintain it in the Statement of Faith.  If you choose to become Reform in Theology then incorporate that.  This allows an "anything goes, even Replacement Theology, which Reformers basically are.  They do not see Israel in God's future plans, that God is done with Israel since the Jewish leaders condemned Jesus to the Cross and death.  

By the ambiguous word, "Glorious" (although when Christ does return it will be glorious) has left the church wide open to all thinking.  It was also brought to the attention of the leadership, if changing this, what comes next?  What else will you change? 

The one more thing that REALLY got me was this:   

Below is Pastor "M's response to his announcement to a New Members class being offered.  Here is the conversation below I copied off facebook.  Ta, who apparently is a new believer asks what is involved in becoming a New Member.  The Pastor answers immediate.  

  • D Did you know that you need only be 12 years old to become a member of our church? Members who are 18 or older are allowed to vote. 👍🏼

  • Ta What does being a member entail? I thought if you to a church on a regular basis that youíre a member, no? I apologize for my ignorance. This is the first church Iíve ever attended.

      • Ta alrighty! Add us to the list for details on when the class is scheduled!

    So, I never needed to state about my belief in Jesus Christ and how and what I believe about Jesus?  I never needed to provide my testimony on how I came to faith in Christ?  For, me I just need to believe in the Church solely, not Jesus, and adhere to the Leadership of the church.  Hmmm.  Got a new club in town it appears to me. Oh, and thus far, the Pastor and Elders are not for opening the doors of the church anytime soon as I understand from one of the Elders' wife.  They are taking their cues from Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx (Bill Gates' people)  the Gov. and such.   However, they can paint it and lay down carpet in the Fellowship Hall.  

    Sorry if I sound upset.  Probably, I am.  But, mostly the Membership class prerequisite really gets me the most.  Always makes me praying and repenting of my own attitude, but clearly,  I will need to move on to another church.  So sad for me as was my original church that grounded me in God's word 45 years ago.