Neil Lipken (31 May 2020)
"Should Christians (including Pastors) warn people about what is coming down the pike?"

As you know, I send out a lot of end time Bible prophecy articles to warn everyone about what is coming down the pike.   So, should I be doing that, or should I simply shut up?

The vast majority of churches and pastors today will not address these things!   Pastors want to make sure the messages from the pulpit do not offend anyone so that Sunday lunches are pleasant after the service is over!   No "difficult or so called controversial topics" will be addressed!

So, again I ask, should people be warned late in these End Times about the upcoming Rapture and then terrifying 7 year Tribulation Period for those who miss the Rapture?   These topics are very solid in Scripture, and it can be proven from Scripture that we are now living late in the End Times!

OK, I will answer this question with Scripture.   Go look this up, as I am not going to be quoting this passage in this e-mail.

EZEKIEL 33:1-6  !!!    GO READ IT!


P.S.   The Lord showed me very clearly way back in 1979 and 1980 as I began my ministry teaching end time Bible prophecy what was coming down the pike.   I simply was not shown "when" but I knew back then that we are the generation to see all these things happen!   And the hour is very late right now!   We do not know how much longer till the trumpet sounds, but do we not have a responsibility to warn people based on the sure accuracy of Scripture as to what is coming?   And shouldn't we care that as many as possible accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and miss the terrifying Tribulation Period?

P.P.S.   Psalm 102:16 King James Bible--------   "When the Lord shall build up Zion (Israel), He shall appear in His glory."   After 2669 years of not being a free, independent people, Israel returned in 1948 and we entered the End Times of this present dispensation, the Church Age.   Jesus (Israel's long rejected Messiah) is going to appear in His glory twice in these End Times------- first at the Rapture, and then a little more than 7 years later at the Second Coming.