Mary Adams (31 May 2020)

Black lives matter?  So do white ones, and brown ones, and any aborted ones, regardless of race.  However, 5 times more black babies have been aborted than all the rest combined.  If that really mattered to you, cast the first stone if you’re guilty (whatever your race).


So sad that so many “Christians” don’t want to hear what is going on in this old world…”it just makes me depressed” is what many say. Besides, such and such other program is what I want to watch on television tonight…


Answer this question:  How many of our precious veterans also got depressed when War might require the sacrifice of their young lives to preserve our freedom?  And of course, the greatest one that Jesus died for: the penalty for our sins.


He shed a lot of tears agonizing in prayer when counting the cost. Then did it with JOY!  


Mary E Adams