Mary Adams (31 May 2020)


Regarding a few things:


Much as we all are waiting for things to get “back to normal”, Myself; I don’t look for it to happen---not in the way we want it to.


Look at what was prophesied, what happened, and what is yet to come; The very top crashing to the floor… bankrupt! JCPenny, Neiman Marcus, Pier 1, only a start.  Stimulus checks for layoffs; government bailouts, failed and failing as wave after waves crash into our shores.


The frustration intensifies; pent up failures taunt us, bitterness and frustrations give us reasons to lash out, or think of suicide as our hopes dissipate.  We are angry.  We planned. We dreamed, but we are still running in the wrong direction away from the answer.


The old “outhouse” still sits where it was, but has few visitors.  Most “hold things in”and by-pass it, running instead to the latest thrill park or restaurant still open. But they are desperation moves, heading directly into the coming tsunami wave.


The sooner we realize this—


I’m talking about our only hope: God is willing, and certainly able to save us all---but unless we REPENT, we ourselves have only ourselves to blame.  The buck stops right at the door of the outhouse, which I name REPENTANCE.   That is where the decision is made or passed up. Sincere Repentance!  Turn away from our wicked ways, our boastfulness, our refusing to follow the Lord with humble hearts. Praying for others, Forgiving others.  Caring for others. Loving one another.   For if we do these things, things will surely change:


“Then will I hear from heaven and heal their land”.