Jerry Taylor (31 May 2020)
"7 Day Warning SpaceX"

Could SpaceX be a 7 day warning as Noah received to June 6, 2020 - true Pentecost and the Rapture?

Seven Seals, Trumpets, Bowls, and More in Revelation

In Revelation, we have quite a few series of punishments, pouring out the wrath of God upon the earth. Throughout Revelation we see a pattern of sevens in terms of Godís judgment.

The seventh seal introduces the seven trumpet judgments that wreak destruction with hail and fire. The seventh trumpet calls forth seven angels who carry the seven bowls of Godís wrath. God warned Noah 7 days ahead of time, and Jesus said today would be "as in the days of Noah."  Of course the world is totally clueless (Matthew 24).