Gino (31 May 2020)
"RE: 1 Cor 10:31: 05.24.30: No way did I mean you"

No way did I mean you
I drive over 60 miles each way to and from work, so I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts.
Lately I've been hearing a lot of people trying to warn us that the mark of the beast will be forced on us, damning us for sure.
I think that they go too far.
Should we be diligent and watch, in these days of increasing apostasy and lawlessness? Yes.
That is one reason I listen to various podcasts, since mainstream media drives me batty.
Do I listen only to people who believe everything like I do? No.
I have even learned things from people who go to a different kind of church than I do.
Everything they teach is not what I would consider, wrong, or much less heresy.
However, when they teach their opinions as scriptural fact, I certainly disagree.
Especially if I think that their opinions could even be dangerous for Christians.
The example was where some had tried to scare us from ever buying anything with a bar code on it, to not be damned.
That kind of thing is what I was referring to, in the context of the supposed coming Covid 19 vaccine.

I enjoy reading what you write, especially because of your zeal and strong emotions.
Not many people write like you do.
Please keep it up!