F.M. Riley (31 May 2020)

     The inspired Word says that at the time of the resurrection and rapture 
Christ Jesus is coming with a SHOUT!  The Greek word actually means 
"an intelligent call."  
     The Prophet Job, in speaking of the resurrection, clearly stated, 
"Thou shalt CALL and I will answer Thee....." Job 14:15.  
     I believe these Scriptures are in perfect harmony.  The Lord is 
going to call forth the dead in Christ with a great SHOUT, and every
true believer, the dead in Christ and the living in Christ, will answer
Him with a SHOUT.  
      Here is a poem I wrote clear back in 1991.  I hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to every believer who reads this.  
                        SHOUTING TIME IN GLORY 
                     When we see the Saviour coming; 
                          When His shout shall split the air: 
                     It'll be shouting time in glory, 
                          The time to meet Him there.
                     He shall split the graves wide open, 
                          Much to this world's surprise; 
                      It'll be shouting time in glory, 
                        When His call comes from the skies.  

                    The living saints will answer; 
                        The dead in Christ shall hear His cry. 
                     It'll be shouting time in glory, 
                        When we bid this world goodbye. 

                      Then upwards into Heaven; 
                          The saints of God will go. 
                       The Lamb of God will lead us; 
                           The One who loved us so.  

                        Then it'll be, "Welcome home, My children,' 
                             We'll hear our Father say; 
                        It'll be shouting time in glory; 
                           When He wipes our tears away.  

                Pastor F. M. Riley