Fay (31 May 2020)
"Gino's Post to Neil L"

Obviously, Gino, I cannot answer for Neil. But, I can tell you my own slant on this.

From the year DOT in our Bible, the Jewish people were IT. Are IT. They were and are, the Chosen Race. Chosen to be an example to the world. When the Jewish people disobeyed - they got disciplined. ALL of Bible history is about the Jewish people. We read their story. We know to watch Israel.  The Jewish people are our guideline. Through them, we know what NOT to do and what is good to do.

The Jewish people were blinded for OUR sake so that we learn from their story. They have suffered greatly for our sake.

Almighty God chose these people because He knew they could shoulder the burden. The mistakes. The catastrophes. And - still maintain a remnant who cling to the Torah. Almighty God tells us, in scripture, that He will never give us a burden we cannot bear. The Jewish people are human beings...like the rest of us. They were given a role - a burden - a responsibility, that Almighty God KNEW they were able to bear. Name me one other race of people who could have survived what the Jewish people have been through? Carried that enormous burden?

No wonder that people, in the future, will travel to Israel and take hold of the robe of a Jewish person, and say " We know God is with you".

We owe them a great debt of gratitude. Our LORD Jesus is a Jew. Almighty God chose the Jewish people. An anti-Semite is anti God. End of story.

To be Jewish AND a Bible believing Christian !!! Man..... double blessed.

Praying for Israel. God's land and people, Israel. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

In Jesus' beloved Name.

RE: Neil Lipken: 05.17:20