Craig Opal (31 May 2020)
"More evidence of God getting the planet ready & Revival not likely pre Rapture"

God is weakening the magnetic field again in preparation for the Rapture event. This will bring more solar wind and disruption especially in the form of not only increased winds, but more meteors and asteroid activity as well.

On another note, our church just opened on Sunday for the first time in two months. I am sad to report we used to run 1000 or so on Sundays and they were hoping for huge revival type crowds, but it wasn’t to be. We should have been bursting at the seams with the 60% reduction in capacity, but we only drew 100! 
This is the opposite of revival and instead fear mixed with lukewarm-ness.

 Also it was sad for me because I was hoping for a different tone in the messages with more emphasis on Jesus soon return, but instead it was back to the comfortable messaging. I love my Pastor, but his refusal to talk about how Covid and other things relate to end times is deafening. I hope your churches are faring better:).

Revival after the Rapture for sure, but what will it take before the Rapture to wake people up? Most want to get back to “normal” instead.