Clay Cantrell (31 May 2020)
"Brooklyn Zip Code w/ the Highest Virus Death Rate Reveals the 527 Number"

Interested Readers - 

Several news sources recently named the Brooklyn zip code of 11239 as having the highest Covid-19 death rate in NYC. Here is one article:

In or around January of 2001 the Lord Jesus alerted me to the significance of a certain number, which was 527. This is the age that patriarch number six, Jared, from Genesis chapter five, is when God “takes” his son Enoch, so that Enoch would never see death. 

The Lord Jesus also impressed on me that if we could understand the contemporary application of that Genesis five timetable numbers, and specifically Jared’s 527 age then we would know WHEN the “catching away” of the Church is to happen (see 1 Thess 4:16-17) and we would know WHY it was to happen on that date. 

In December 1997, when I was in the Heavenly library vision, a huge open Bible was before me and it faded to a world map. As I looked at it, the Lord Jesus caused me to understand plainly that everyone who had ever lived or died on earth was found in the Bible we carry, Genesis to Revelation. Their names and all of the major numbers related to their life. This is why I take real world extreme numbers and put them through a Bible number system evaluation. 

Again, the NYC Brooklyn zip code is 11239. 

Bible verse # 11239 is: 
 2 Chronicle 3:9
And the weight of the nails was fifty shekels of gold. And he (Solomon) overlaid the upper chambers with gold.”

Go here for the word by word breakdown:

You can clearly see that word number six in the verse breakdown has an in-text gematria value of  ...


It is the Hebrew word “upper” Strong’s 5944H (Aliyah).

Jared was patriarch number six, so this 527 word is in the correct number slot, so to speak. 

Additionally very important:
The cumulative running gematria total of the first word through the sixth word 527 equals: 

2701 !

This surely implies major significance since the total verse value of Genesis 1:1 equals 2701.

I’m still waiting for at least one manifestation of the 527 number to appear plainly in the news as a final warning before the Resurrection and the Catching Away. 

God bless you. 

Jesus is Lord.