1 Cor 10:31 (31 May 2020)
"Observations:  wearing or not wearing masks...."

By 1 Cor 10:31


Hey all:  indulge me while I toss out some random thoughts…..


CIVIL WAR IS coming to America!!  Jeremiah 50 & 51   In given time (I personally think it may be VERY soon after the rapture!   As you can see skirmishes of it already…. Actually in MN, we see BIG SKIRMISHES of it!!  And the upcoming Civil War will progress for a few years till she gets smacked – blown off the map.)  

I know it’s not pretty to think about.  At any rate, I’ve said before it’s going to be gay vs. straight, poor vs. wealthy, left vs. right (& vice versa), white vs. black (& vice versa)….. it’ll be over most anything!  Won’t be like the 1st civil war where mostly they knew who their enemies were (different parts of the country & uniform colors, for one thing!)   This time it will be your very sister or brother who will turn you in!!  Snitch on you for refusing the mark – or looking at her cross eyed or whatever!


It may also include the mask wearers vs. the non-mask wearers!  (or vice versa!)  [psst, I’m NOT referring to you, “my friend” here at Doves!] 

The one I am specifically thinking of is a friend of ours – we’ve known each other for approx. 30 years.  His wife is one of my bf’s.  (though she goes blank any time I mention the rapture!!)   But I think/ believe she is a true Christian.  Anyway, so my husband decided to clean the garage & get rid of his Schwinn bike he’s had stuffed in there for 10 years!  Never got his $’s worth out of, simply didn’t ride it enough. But hey, everyone’s allowed at least a few mistakes in life.


So this friend wanted it & drove over to pick it up last weekend.  We hadn’t seem him in a good while, so chatted out in the drizzling rain for a few minutes.  He was going on & on about how he wears masks out in public – I said, I DO WHEN THEY ARE REQUIRED [implying I do NOT when they’re NOT required!]   He went on to say though that he would never go to a restaurant & sit there for an hour – “that that is just CRAZY!!!”


We HAVE done this & will continue to!!  And he knew that because we’ve invited them & they flat turned us down.  He & his wife obviously have different standards!  TO THEM it’s crazy to go into restaurants NO MATTER HOW CLEAN THEY ARE!!!

I’m not saying it’s not okay to have different standards – it’s just that after he left with the $200. Bicycle we’d just blessed him with:  we went:  “DID HE JUST CALL US CRAZY???!!!”    O U C H!!!!!!


See, just 2 others previously in the week had made edgy comments about people who go out right now are “JUST STUPID”!!!   My MIL  (well, anything negative pops out of that lady’s mouth!)  and my DH’s KNOW-IT-ALL friend!!!!  ß THEIR standards!!   WE have different standards!!


And personally I’d think restaurants & the employees who clean clean clean would be a whole lot better bet than the retail health food store where this friend works & STRANGERS come walking in all day long!!  Whether: in~or~out of masks! 


BTW, those flimsy blue masks a person can get from a drug store – go ahead & READ the instructions on the package!!  Hint:  it claims

if dizziness happens – to take the mask OFF & get into fresh air!!  Know why that is?  Dizziness is a symptom of becoming hypercapnic

which means the mask itself can BRING ON respiratory distress!!   So a person’s sickness would be the RESULT of wearing a mask!! 

NOT from being around others who are breathing maskless fresh air!!


Anyway, uh, guess what?  Yes when our state opened, we’d had enough cabin fever & decided to venture out & even (GASP!!)  dined out!  AND ENJOYED IT!!!  And did not get sick!!


We don’t particularly like being called stupid or crazy!!!!  And it especially smacked when we just gave away this pricey bike – I mean, it’s okay to be on different sides of the fence, to disagree, but goodnight, coming from a “friend”:  people could sure learn to be a whole lot more DIPLOMATIC about it!!!   Jeepers!!      LOL….. Just sayin’!!   …. Just see if I ever give them anything again….


INTERESTING observation from Pastor J.D. Farag that NOW:  masks  ~~ but the requirement will soon turn into MARKS!!!!

Scrabble champs:  ONE LETTER difference!!