Wade Balzer (13 May 2018)
"[Revelation2217] New Features at NewJerusalem.org"


Hi all,


I have been working on some new features at http://www.newjerusalem.org.


1.  Updated Occurrence searches.


When you wish to do an occurrence search, you simply search for the word followed by the @ and the number.   For example:




Will find this verse:


Isa 42:5   Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein:


In the Verse Analysis… (Clicking on the verse… Isa 42:5 )… there are new details that are added.  We now have the OT or NT Occurrences from the beginning or end, and Book statistics.   We see that God is found 4444 times in the Bible, 3090 in the Old Testament.  This is interesting to me that in the Old Testament, 3090 Occurrences of the word God, subtracting 2424 which is the Greek Strong’s # 2424 = Jesus, leaves a remainder of 666.   Maybe, this is what happens when we “remove Jesus” from any mention of God for political correctness, or maybe we don’t want to offend our non-Christian friends.  Let’s not be ashamed of who we are that we fail to recognize that Jesus is both the God of the Old Testament and the New.


You can now do an occurrence search by Strong’s number. 




For the most part, it should be accurate.  There are some variations in source text in which a word isn’t coded correctly, or a word could have an alternate Strong’s number.  That is one of the reasons I haven’t focused on Strong’s occurrences because it isn’t completely settled.   However, we do have accurate encoding for most key words.


You can omit the word or Strong’s number, and you will get a list of word occurrences in each matching verse.




2.  In Development -  Gematria Searches.


There is an undocumented search that you can do if you which to search a span of verses that the total sum of verse gematrias match the number you are searching for.   Originally, this idea was not practical to calculate every possible verse span of gematria sums in Scripture and store it in a table.  At one point, I created a table that contained every combination of verse spans in the Bible up to 100 verses while testing, but table contained 3,105,250 records.  To do the entire Bible, I would need 483,682,753 records just to hold the information.  Then when you multiply that by the amount of information each record would need to hold, and then create an index, we are talking a HUGE amount of data that I would have to maintain.  So, it never got past the idea stage until this last week.  I have had an array of all the gematrias in the Bible packed in 62k file, 2 bytes per verse, and something I can easily keep in memory.  So, this week I thought why don’t I try and come up with a iterative algorithm that loops through the 31,102 (2 byte) array, adding the values until it is greater than the number you are searching for.   If it is greater, then it drops the trailing value, until it is less than or equal to the number you are searching. When it is a match, create a record in memory to return.  This is so fast, it takes longer to render the page than it does to run the algorithm.   So, now we have a working Gematria search that I can expand with more and more useful information.   To search by Gematria, you will use #n where n is the gematria you are searching.  For example:




This will give a list of verse spans that sum total of the gematrias add up to the search criteria.  Currently, the results are minimal without any enhancements.  In the future, I plan to include a way to drill into the results.



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Wade Balzer