Phil (13 May 2018)
"Korean Peace Talks in Singapore on 12/6/2018"

John and Doves,

So this important meeting is happening in your home town John!

From  27/7/1953, end of the Korean War, to 12/6/2018, Trump meets Kim Jong-un in Singapore to talk Peace = 8x8 yrs and [(8x8)+(8x8)+(8x8)+(8x8)+(8x8)] days.
Trump must be following a script given to him.
Yes, 64 years and 320 days.
Exactly 64 years and 64+64+64+64+64 days.
They use the number 8 to signify THEIR New Beginning.
They stole it from the Bible - 7 days in a week and the next day is the 8th but the first of a new week!
8 saved in the Ark for a new beginning.
8 notes in an octave but the 8th is the same as the first but just an octave higher.

This on top of the 147 weeks between the Iran Nuclear deal and Trump pulling out of it = 147 and 147+741 = 888.
Now we have a 6 times multiple of 8x8 related to North and South Korea war and the Peace Talks on 12/6/2018.

Keep looking up,