Jean Stepnoski (27 May 2018)
"Confirmation Days in 2018"

   We are in the midst of Season and Days for Confirmation in 2018. For the whole of those in the faith houses of Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox there is one day annually chosen and favored for THE DAY of Confirmation. Which day? It is Trinity Day. Confirmation is a very significant spiritual rite of passage for young congregants, which some consider a sacrament, as they enter young adulthood.

   Actually, there are several Trinity Days. One was 5-20 for Roman Catholics and Protestants, and then 5-21 for those far back in countries on the 24 hour grid. Sorry for my error. But one is yet to come on 5-27 and then 5-28 for the Eastern Orthodox, 250 million congregants all over the world. They will COMBINE Pentecost Day, Trinity Day, and Confirmation Day. Only on 5-27 to 28 will all be globally COMPLETE on any calendars for 2018: Pentecost Day, Trinity Day, and Confirmation Day.

So The Spirit is much in evidence and focus in a Noah 8 Day Warning, from 5-20 to 5-27. Bracketed by Days of Confirmation extending from 5-20 to 28 are actually 9 days. There are 9 FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT! Why the extended days of 5-21 and 5-28? On the 24 hour grid, some complete 5-20 on 5-21 and some complete 5-27 on 5-28. Example. Consider the Coptic Christians in Egypt and 5-28. With the 2 Brackets of Confirmation Days from 5-20 to 28, we look to the 3rd Day. At sundown on 5-28, Memorial Day in the USA, Day 3 of the Scriptural Week begins. It shall be The 3rd Day. There is a High Watch Period from 5-27 to 28. Perhaps THE SEASON and THE DAY of The Blessed Hope are nearly upon us, with the bringing in of the fullness of the Gentiles! We shall see.

With Love and Shalom,