Jean Stepnoski (27 May 2018)
"Trinity Day is 5-27-2018"

   Trinity Day, also called Trinity Sunday, in 2018 is 5-27. This will be observed by Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox faith communities. It is The Day annually for special remembering of the unity of The Father, Messiah the Son, and The Spirit. For the Eastern Orthodox, it curiously combines Pentecost and Trinity feasts and motifs. Long ago, 10 days after The Ascension, The Father and The Son sent The Spirit of Truth to begin to indwell individuals of true repentance and faith. Thus began the building up of the Ecclesia, the bride and the body of Christ, the eternal family. The Messiah / Christ is the head of His body, His bride, His harvest. When is Shavuot / Pentecost COMPLETE, in Pentecostal outreach of 20 centuries? It is when the remainder of the body, the bride and the children, are harvested in The Blessed Hope. The Father will send The Son to GATHER, with majestic angels in service, a great spiritual HARVEST, of those who have been INDWELT by The Spirit of Truth (The Holy Spirit, The Comforter, The Paraclete). Then. Bring the harvest home to Heaven.

   As of 5-27 in 2018, each and all celebrations of Penetcost (Shavuot) are complete for 2018 on the following calendars: traditional Christian, or Hillel, or Torah, or Orthodox. Pentecost Day will have FULLY COME!

   Reflect. What other day annually UNDERSCORES THE UNITY OF THE FATHER WITH THE SON WITH THE SPIRIT, AS WELL AS TRINITY DAY! Father, Son and Spirit will each and all be involved in the events of The Blessed Hope! Those indwelt by The Spirit will be presented by the Redeemer Groom to The Eternal Father in the Throne Room of Heaven! Might we be indeed near to the Season and The Day of The Blessed Hope? We shall see.

With Love and Shalom,