Jean Stepnoski (13 May 2018)
"Thank You Fay"

   Thank you Fay for your kinds words of appreciation! I always pray that something I write will be a blessing and a help for the Doves. My counting up the Shabbats (Day 7 not Day 1) and 50 days until Pentecost has a special joy and enthusiasm this year. Perhaps the 7 Shabbats plus a day, the 50 days, will be The Bride's Count in 2018. I know most people are using the Hillel Calendar, with Pentecost from 5-19 to 20, landing on Day 1 of The Scriptural Week, a Sunday. Yet the Scriptures note a raising up on the 3rd Day. Using the Torah Calendar, from 5-19 to 5-22 will be 3 days. Also, The 3rd Day of The Scriptural Week  will be 5-21 to 22. This shall be Pentecost (Shavuot) on the Torah Calendar. The following day will be Day 4, the midst of the Menorah Day. According to The Book of Revelation, the Messiah is seen standing in the midst of the Menorah, of the 7 lamps. Pentecost is the midst of the Menorah Feast Day, Lamp  4. Feast of the Lord 4 of the 7! So if we remain after 5-19 to 20, PLEASE REMEMBER this 3rd Day possibility for the Season and Day of The Blessed Hope. Either the Hillel Calendar or the Torah Calendar is correct, it is not both. We shall see. May the Bridegroom of the Ages, the Captain of our Souls, arrive SOON!

With Love and Shalom,