Gino (13 May 2018)
"RE: Steve Mullin: 05.06.8: lunar vs solar calendar"

	Some people actually do seem to follow a lunar year, like the Muslims, with their Ramadan.
However, didn't Israel still only have one Passover, every full year?
Passover never happens in the fall, does it?
Isn't a lunar calendar based on something close to 355 days in a lunar year?
If Israel only had a lunar calendar, then wouldn't they have ended up having an "extra" Passover every so often?
But that didn't happen, did it?
I thought that they remedied this by periodic calendar adjustment?
Even the solar calendar is adjusted, too, but that is on a four year period, adding an extra day to February.
Am I way off base?
Or did Israel only have a lunar calendar without adjustment?