Fay (27 May 2018)
"The Plot doth Thicken"

It gets weirder and weirder. First, news of an official royal visit... now a famous Russian oligarch is rumored to be moving to Israel?? This chap has been rooted in London for years. He owns Chelsea Football club! He's our most famous Russian oligarch. Recently, the British government have not reissued his visa, as they normally do. This, under the guise of checking to see if his fortune is legitimate and not ill-gotten gains. Which is hilarious - considering this has never bothered them before. Not only that - Abramovich has apparently bought land in Israel and will be building there!! What the heck do they think they know? It seems that Israel has something that's attracting big money. British royalty AND Russian money. President Trump has not only bestowed honor upon Israel, he is verbally defending her against the Arab world, the beastly U.N. etc. While I love what President Trump has done for Israel, I am starting to smell a rat here. A deeply hidden agenda. I prefer to believe that President Trump's intentions are entirely honourable. However - as the old adage goes - follow the money. Israel must have something HUGE that's attracting these people. Something bigger than the world is aware of.

As scripture tells us - someone is on their way soon, to "take a spoil".

Is Roman Abramovich moving to Tel Aviv?