Fay (27 May 2018)
"Royal Visit to Israel"

I have posted about this before... now Prince William is due in Israel next month. He is going to visit Jerusalem. Tel Aviv and Ramallah. I found this most peculiar. I realise the British government have a habit of pimping out the royals for political gain but this is odd. Prince William will be visiting his paternal great- grandmother's grave (Prince Philip's mother). She is buried on the Mount of Olives. The very place that our LORD will touch down on.

One tries not to read too much conspiracy theory stuff into this but it's VERY difficult not to. Why is he visiting now? At the height of extreme tensions? With threats of war, bombs and missiles? The government would not risk the future King of England's life. They just would not. He's too valuable to them. Therefore - they must know for sure that William will be safe.

I admit.....I'm flummoxed.

Prince William to visit the West Bank during an trip to Israel