Fay (13 May 2018)
"Seventy Years Prophecies"

This 15 minute video clip has been done extremely well. Following patterns and types in scripture, the narrator has laid out the formidable truth that we are on the verge of Almighty God's wrath. The pattern is consistent throughout scripture. He asks - after laying out all the scriptures that prove this - "Could there be any more specific period of seventy years than the seventy years that Israel is about to complete?" He concludes (and I concur ) "After a period of 70 years - the LORD will return to judge the earth, but prior to that, the LORD will appear to His faithful followers and take them away". This is one clip that you really don't want to miss, Doves.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

The Seventy Years Prophecy - 1948 to 2018 ?