Fay (13 May 2018)
"Ominous Threat"

This is what they are threatening for Monday May 14th. It's eerily similar to what Natan described happening. A complete surprise attack involving missiles, rockets etc. Thousands upon thousands of jihad killers swarming in and killing. Obviously I'm not saying that this IS what is going to happen with absolute certainty. I'm going on Natan's description of the Israeli's being taken by surprise. If the Palestinian hordes break through the wire - in conjunction with a coordinated rocket and missile attack .... the confusion and chaos will be nightmarish. 

The Islamic world has taken a huge blow with President Trump being such a strong supporter of Israel. They've lost all the momentum they built up during the Bush / Obama years. Particularly the Obama years. Given time - they would lose all relevance and sympathy from the world. This is already happening. This is why I reckon they are planning to strike sooner rather than later. After all - they don't have much left to lose.

Hey - Monday May 14th could go smoothly. Who really knows, except Almighty God. All I know is that the tension is unbearable. As a watchman, I can feel an impending nervous breakdown approaching. Hahaha. I am trying to lighten up but it's proving impossible!

May Almighty God protect, guide and lead us. Please give us strength and courage, LORD. Patience and wisdom. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Thy will be done. In Jesus' beloved Name.

Please come quickly, LORD Jesus. Please come and rescue us.

Hamas terror chief hopes to see hundreds of thousands storm Israel-Gaza fence