Fay (13 May 2018)
"Weariness and Confusion"

Hi John and Doves,

I don't know about you guys but I'm a bit tired now. The extravagant drama is exhausting. My faith is stronger than ever but I can't deal with all the differing opinions of what is about to happen. My whole perspective changed when I watched Natan's testimony, followed by Caroline's testimony. I truly believe that the Great Trib is what is about to happen. 3.5 years of it. Or maybe even shorter - depending on Almighty God. It's going to be the time of Jacob's Trouble - which I believe will be short. With the Jewish people - who spiritually deserve to be saved and protected via entering the Mount of Olives - gone..... the rest of the Jewish people will either be killed or imprisoned. Both Bible believing Christians and Jews will be out of the way. Quite simply - gone!  It becomes increasingly clear to me that the 3.5 year Great Trib is for die-hard non-believers. Giving them a second chance.The Book of Revelation focuses on world wide disasters and anti-Christ stuff. Hideous stuff.

I know there is a lot more detail to these prophecies in Revelation but, I feel the time for debating is over. It will be what it is. My brain is fried.

I choose to believe the testimonies of Natan and Caroline. Over and above the understanding of conventional earthly scholars. Both Natan and Caroline are Jewish. They were both taken to heaven and given prophecy. The Bible is 100% Jewish. The prophets were all Jewish. And, our final day prophets are Jewish. We all have a choice as to what we believe. It won't affect our salvation as we are all one in Christ. But, I think it behooves us all to be a little more humble as to interpretation of these end times. And I'm not talking about us,Doves. I am talking about our high profile Christian teachers. Who have all ignored Natan and Caroline - because their testimonies do not fit into the "typology". They have all ignored the obvious tribulation that the Middle Eastern Christians have and are suffering. For this alone - I have become very jaded. Depressed. There has been no world-wide Christian leader SHOUTING for the protection of these Christians. I won't go on..... but I have lost a great deal of my previous awe. Nobody but LORD Jesus stands on a pedestal.

I have linked the clip of Natan's prophecy. I have also linked the Urgent Bible Prophecy Update that Pastor JD Farag uploaded on May 10th. I was thrilled that Pastor Farag felt urgently moved to do a prophecy update. I was a bit rattled toward the end when he was so insistent about the 7 year trib. He doesn't know this anymore than we do. He insists on "typology" as a rule to follow. It's so confusing because I love Pastor JD. However - I have chosen to believe the Jewish prophets that Almighty God sent us in these end times. Therein lies my sanity.

Pastor Farag's Urgent Prophecy update of May 10th, contradicted the opinion of Amir Tsarfati in his latest update. Amir is of the opinion that President Trump would never, ever insist on Israel dividing the land in exchange for peace and that the report of the leaked "Peace Plan" is false. Fake news. Amir was strongly adamant about this. Pastor JD Farag insists that this report is still valid and that the Jerusalem Post still have it up on their website and have NOT walked it back.

Apart from the fact that it's obvious we're all going a bit crazy - I choose not to put too much store by human understanding anymore.

Urgent Bible Prophecy Update - Thursday, May 10th, 2018.

Rabbi Rami Levy and 15 year old Natan full translation 148min Clinical Death