Fay (13 May 2018)
"All about the Money"

It's very clear why all the other nations want to cling on to the nuclear deal with Iran. It's all about the money. They are so short-sighted and greedy. It also clarifies why all the nations will join a coalition against Israel soon. Israel and the USA are central to what is going on now. The other greedy nations will want Israel out of the way of their nefarious deals they've got going in the Middle East. Satan has engineered this - preying on human greed. It's the same deal with Brexit. Greedy big-wigs wanting to stay in the EU because of the money making deals they've got going. The ordinary people of the UK are having to shout to get our exit vote recognised. The entire debacle is shameful.

Come quickly Lord Jesus. Please.

British companies Rolls-Royce, BP and Vodafone could exit Iran