Fay (13 May 2018)
"Israel Standing"

It just occurred to me.... re the ceremony taking place in Jerusalem on May 14th... that an attack could take place. Caroline's vision popped into my head. The "3 Final Hours" video clip. She saw the nation of Israel - standing outside together. Crowds of people. This is when she saw an attack happening. Of course, I could be very wrong. It just makes sense that Israel will be united in some sort of ceremony that they will all be watching. Be it from the roofs of their houses or out on the street - watching the procedure on big screen TV's.

This is just a thought. I know we are all holding our collective breath - waiting for the barbaric hordes to attack. Shavuot makes sense as well. Observant Jews stay up all night to study Torah. It's a public holiday and people get together to witness the ceremonies that commemorate when they first received the Torah. Links below.

Happy Mother's Day, by the way. We've had our Mother's Day in UK already. Interesting timing !

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