Corey (13 May 2018)
"1 Last Alarm!!!"


John and Doves!


We are getting so close right!

I have posted something maybe 3 times in 20 years of plugging into Jim Bramlett, John and the gang.  Thank you so much for your watching, sharing and encouragement…..we ALL need each other to stay locked in on Jesus coming for the bride.


Amazing dream.  My vision/dreams seem to happen after I initially wake up in the morning, then snooze for another 10 minutes.  It is becoming a very cool routine that the Holy Spirit seems to enjoy along with me.  God is awesome.


Today, Saturday, May 12 in the am hours.

I have a plastic sack in my hand that I’m trying to throw away into a garbage can.  Only to realize there is something still in the clear plastic sack.  Weird!  It’s a clear sack.

I reach in the sack and pull out a little “alarm clock” or “buzzer” about the size of one of those Tide Pods.  Then I see a couple other “mini alarms” so I take them out.  This goes on for a bit.  I’m thinking “why do these things seem like they are multiplying?  They just keep appearing after I think I got the last one.” 

I don’t throw them away, I’m keeping ahold of them.  I grabbed 3-4 at one time then it seemed like THAT WAS IT….no more alarms.  Then another shows up in the sack and I take it out like the others.  I sense “ok, this IS THE LAST ONE”.

Then….I throw the sack away.  Huh….finally the last one (I think in my mind)

Dream over!


Ok….to me guys this was a no brainer once I had the last one out of the sack.  “THIS IS THE LAST ONE”. 

The  little “alarms/buzzers”?  Clearly represented ALL OF OUR GOD GIVEN SIGNS throughout the last few years…..and each we thought for sure, THIS IS THE LAST ONE.   We are out of here!!

Yet to find, though ALL SEEMS CLEARLY COMPLETED BY GOD, another “ALARM” (Sign).




But….1 more?

ISRAEL 70 YEARS (GENERATION) ON MONDAY, MAY 14….and…..EMBASSY BEING MOVED OFFICALLY THAT DAY AT 4PM, JERUSALEM TIME. (They say exact time of Israel becoming a nation again….70 years ago)


Well, I can’t say that I have ever had a clearer vision with complete explanation from the HOLY SPIRIT.  Gang….THE HOLY SPIRIT is really playing this game until the whistle.  Keep asking HIM for wisdom, guidance AND signs!  He really has the full court press on and clearly the “buzzer” is ready to sound.  Game Over!  We win!


Hope this blesses you guys!  Man I needed this big time because, like all of you, each “alarm” showing up in our “clear sacks” seemed to be….THE LAST ONE!  Then, frustrated, we see yet another “ALARM” or 2, or 4 come into the clear “sack”.


No prophet here folks, so pray about it.  But this is all coming to a close…..finally the “last alarm may have been taken out of the clear sack”!


See you guys in the Kingdom very, very soon!

Love ya



Ps….. One more thing!  After thanking God for such an amazing dream, I conked out for another couple minutes.  The Star of David appears next to the word “IRAN” in the sand/dirt.  The Star of David moves OVER the word IRAN…..then like how you make a thumb-print cookie…..IRAN IS PRESSED INTO THE GROUND!  SMOOSHED!!!

Then the Star of David turns into the Israel flag.  Slowly moves over the “smooshed IRAN” and covers it like a blanket…..and then merges into the ground to only see the STAR OF DAVID!!!