Chance (27 May 2018)
"The EU can 'go to a thousand, thousand hells' per Israeli Minister"


Hello John and Doves,

The countries are taking sides - good vs evil - for G-d, against G-d.  Israel has no need, reason, or desire to be 'politically correct'.  The countries that stand against Israel stand against G-d.   

"I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt..."  Genesis 12:3
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!



"Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz on Wednesday said that the European Union could “go to a thousand, thousand hells,” escalating an already tense standoff between a number of European countries and Israel.

“This is the height of gall and hypocrisy,” Steinitz said in an interview with Radio 103FM. “This is the same European Union which is now kissing-up to Iran and helping that country deal with US sanctions.

“Iran is executing and torturing homosexuals, trampling women’s rights, supporting terrorism and the Assad regime which is dropping chemical weapons on its own people.

“A campaign of persecution brimming with hypocrisy against Israel and the attempt to blacken its name is doomed to failure. I propose to the EU not to interfere in the internal affairs of the State of Israel,” the minister added." 

'The EU can go to a thousand hells,' says Israeli minister

By: World Israel News Staff