BG Ellis (27 May 2018)
"Is the Rapture on TRUE Pentecost 2018?"

Is the rapture on or before June 21-22, 2018 the summer solstice and the true: Pentecost date, Sivan 6-7, and the True 70th Pentecost anniversary?

The prophecy of Judah Ben Samuel is the key to unlocking the biblical prophecy timeline.  In the prophecy he said that after the 10th and final Jubilee ends (FULL moon of April: April 30, 2018, making May 1, 2018 - Nissan 1) the Messianic ďend timesĒ would begin. SEE THIS:  

In summary, if Judah Ben Samuel prophecy is correct then: The Rapture, the start of The Great Tribulation Apocalypse and the Beginning of the End will start no later than: Pentecost, 2018!  The problem becomes what calendar do you use to determine the date or time frame of Pentecost?  


non adjusted 


 Calendar has Pentecost running from May 20-22, 2018 - on the sixth day of the third month (May 22) Sivan 6.  SEE:  

The adjusted 



 (one month behind) has Pentecost falling on or around the time of the Summer Solstice: Thursday-June 21, 2018 

- on the sixth day of the fourth month (TRUE SIVAN 6)

.  The first Pentecost after Israel became a nation was held in June 13-14, 1948 (Sivan 6-7).  So the true 70th Pentecost and the TRUE 70th Anniversary for the state of Israel is: June 21-22, 2018 

(The TRUE SIVAN 6-7)!  


The full moon God's calendar has Pentecost falling around: July 4, 2018.  

I am leaning towards the True Pentecost & Rapture being on (or around) the 




 date of Thursday- June 21, 2018 for the following reasons: 


1.  I believe that the rapture occurs in the spring at True Pentecost on Thursday, June 21, 2018.  This is the Summer solstice which is the ending of spring and the starting of summer. 


2.  Many have had dreams and visions that the rapture would occur on a Thursday.  True Pentecost occurs on a Thursday!  SEE:

3.  Back in June of 2001, Valerie Skrzyniak had a vision that the rapture would occur on the 21st day of the Gregorian month. She posted her vision on the Five Doves website.  In addition, Blue Heaven had a dream that the rapture would occur on the 21st of the month.  True Pentecost occurs on the 21st day of the month!  SEE: AND

5.  True Pentecost is 9 months (a full-term pregnancy) from the Revelation 12 sign of: September 23, 2017!

6.  Pastor Sandy with Soldiers for Christ Community Church has been told by the Lord that The Rapture will occur in the Spring ON or before the 
Summer Solstice: Thursday-June 21, 2018.  SEE:


Letís talk about the Jewish calendar mess:  For 1800 years Godís calendar and the Jewish calendar were one and the same.  However after the Jews were scattered a system had to be developed where everyone could be on the same page as to when the Jewish Feasts were to take place throughout the world.  What they developed was a Jewish calendar based on a 19-year cycle.  The problem is that the Jewish calendar is not correct 1/3 of the time and gets out of sync with the solar constellations (Godís calendar) by 1-month either March or April.  With todayís modern software like Stellarium, it is quite easy to tell when the earth gets out of sync with the constellations due to the precession of the equinoxes by looking at the sunís position in the constellations with the corresponding month.  For example, with the new moon for the month of September, the sun should be in the constellation Virgo.  Last year (2017), the sun was in the constellation Leo and was a month off.  The Lord has a perfect way of solving this problem and that was when the barley was ready to harvest.  When the barley was ready for harvest throughout the nation of Israel (either new moon of March or new moon of April), then the first new moon is Nissan 1 on the Jewish calendar.  Last year, at the new moon of March the barley was not ready to harvest and if it was not ready to harvest then Nissan 1 is the new moon of April.  However, the Jewish calendar lists Nissan 1 as the new moon of March 28, 2017 and it should be the new moon of April 27, 2017.  What this means is that the Jewish calendar is off by one month for this year. The fall feasts are celebrated on the 1st day, 10th day, and the 21st to 22nd day of the 7th month.  This should be the 8th month, therefore 1st day Rosh Hashanah should be celebrated October 22, 2017 instead of September 22, 2017.  The 10th day: Day of Atonement should be celebrated October 31, 2017 instead of October 1, 2017.  The 21st to 22nd day, the 7th & 8th day of Tabernacles (Sukkot) should be celebrated November 11th to 12th, instead of October 11th to 12th.  This year (2018) the Jewish calendar is still one month behind showing Nissan 1 as the new moon of March 2018. However, no way will the barley harvest be ready for harvest and the TRUE Nissan 1 will be on the new moon of April 2018, the end of the final Jubilee (Nissan 1, 2017 to Nissan 1, 2018)!

In summary, the ending of the final Jubilee year is Nissan 1, 2018.  The Lord's way of determining when Nissan 1 starts is by checking the condition of the barley crop a few days before the new moon of March. SEE THIS: --If ALL the barley fields are ready for harvest (on their own without any drying needed), then Nissan 1 starts the day after the spotting of the new moon in March. If ALL the barley fields are not ready for harvest, then Nissan 1 defaults to the day after the spotting of the new moon in April. 

The final barley report before the new moon on March 2018 said: "All of these areas checked held wild, as well as domestic barley, which will not be ready for harvest until the end of March on their own".
SEE: Then, the barley harvest will not be ready for harvest at the new moon on March 16th-17th: Therefore, Nissan 1 and the ending of Jubilee Year 5777 will be April 18-21st!  

Raise your hands if any of you brothers and sisters have felt a little odd about celebrating your actual birthday on any day other than the actual date of your birth.  Now ask yourself how God may feel about His appointed times (Moedim) being observed on days that are not in sync, in alignment and agreement with His actual appointed times each and every year.  Forget about the excuse that so many are using ďhow can we know which calendars that are being used are correct.Ē  Only Godís calendar is correct and it is the one that resets and aligns all events for any and every given year.  His requirements to know and understand the times and seasons each year can only be fulfilled by remaining focused on Him through keeping your eyes on His creation. The barley needing another month and the leap year are one and the same for 2018. God required the first fruit grain offering to be in the mature and harvestable stage. Much like the lamb needed to be blemish free before being offered as a sacrifice. If the barley fields prove to not be ready for harvest, then the new year begins after the next new moon in the lunar cycle, which would be in 30 days when by that time the grain would be mature enough to harvest and offered to God as an approved first fruit. This is what is meant by the leap year and this is why the fall feasts that we just experienced were actually one new moon cycle too early according to God's calendar and time requirements this time around. It would be like us in the west moving Jan. 1st to Feb. 1st to celebrate the New Year if the grain was still too immature to harvest. It's all about God and His timing that sets the New Year calendar that we should be connecting the feast days to. It is impossible to know future year feast dates without knowing the state and condition of the barley fields for harvest in any given year. 



UPDATE:  The new moon was spotted in Jerusalem on April 17, making Nissan 1 on April 18 according to the Torah calendar.  SEE:

However, nothing happened around this date. The Lord is using either the sighting of the new moon or the full moon as the start of the new month and in this case the end of the Jubilee. The full moon in April falls on April 30 and May 1 will be the TRUE Nissan 1 and the end of the Jubilee Year.  

SEE:  Is the new moon the full moon?

It is interesting that May 1 shows up on the Torah calendar as the second Passover and due to the delay of the barley harvest, it's actually the Passover on the adjusted Torah calendar. 

In summary, if Judah Ben Samuel prophecy is correct then: The Rapture, the start of The Great Tribulation Apocalypse and the Beginning of the End will start no later than: True Pentecost, 2018!  

I believe that True Pentecost and the Rapture is on (or around) the 




 date of Thursday- June 21, 2018 
- on the sixth day of the fourth month 




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