Greg Wilson (14 May 2017)
"Revelation 12:1 Teaching by Mark Correll"

Greg Wilson (14 May 2017)

Revelation 12:1 Teaching by Mark Correll


John:  I happened to find one of my favorite online Pastors teaching on the sign of Revelation 12:1 on Youtube. 


Pastor Mark Correll (  is a wonderful teacher.  Mark says that the sign of September 23, 2017 appears once in 7,000 years.  He distinguishes it from the similar sign of the woman in 3 B.C. announcing the birth of Jesus.   Mark observes that this year's sign is a dual prophecy.


He notes that there is a significant difference in the "wandering stars" of the crown between the two signs.  Wandering stars are the visible planets which are added to the 9 stars of the crown which are located in the constellation Leo.   He notes that this September 23 sign replaces the planet Jupiter in the crown with Mars.  It is this distinguishing difference which makes this sign unique in our time.  Mark suggests that this sign of the woman is the sign of Messiah's First Advent (3BC) and with high probability, the Second Advent (2017-2024 season). 


He speculates that this year's sign may be the "Sign of the Son of Man" (Matthew 24:30).  It is interesting that in this verse 30, the sign of the Son of Man is followed by a colon.  After the colon we see the Second Advent of Christ.  Is it possible that there is a seven year period between the colon?  In Isaiah 61:2, there will have been about 1,990 years between the comma of another First and Second Advent verse.


Mark goes on to discuss the sign of Revelation 15:1 speculating that the seven angels may be represented by the star cluster Peleides known as the "seven sisters".  He says that in March 2020 the Taurid meteor showers will originate from the Peliedes cluster some 1260 days from the September 23, 2017 sign.  I have not verified but it is something to study.  


This is a MUST watch video for all who want a front row seat at the end of the Age.


I highly recommend watching his video teaching from March 29, 2017.   


The link is