TH (29 May 2016)


                                   FEAR  PORN

       Okay, does anybody need a definition of what Fear Porn is in today's "Net"
vernacular ?  How about another "Net" term.....Trolls?  Let's take a look at these
and see what is actually involved here.  Fear Porn is what "trolls" accuse Net
posters of spreading when they post about the upcoming Tribulation and of the
Disasters it will bring. "Trolls"is a term now used to label folks that, in the "Comments"
section below a Post, disparage what the Poster has presented in a negative way.
Their "comments" are always mocking, caustic, rude, cynical and etc.  They feel safe
behind their anonymity.......they are cowards.  Some are "paid" to cause questioning
as to the validity of the Post........especially if it's Biblically Prophetic.  Take Heart, the
TRUTH out.  HIS TRUTH !  And remember, knowing the Truth and Embracing the Truth, are two completely different things. I.E. making the Truth your
own and then living it in Obedience to HIS VOICE.  TROLLS are mockers....oooh, bad
for them if they are mocking HIS WORD.  They are to be ignored.  But the Righteous
Judge isn't ignoring them is HE?  "every idle word" ? Their ignorance of, and/or hatred
of HIS TRUTH will will land them in the "Hot House"  for Eternity where they can rant
and rave Forever.  So when we see their vitriol, realize their ultimate destination and
have pity for them for the fools they are.  Are "we" afraid ?  No!  HE said NOT to be
Afraid.  HE is not of fear but is of JOY.  I think those  of us who's Posts are labeled as
"Fear Porn" are motivated by our sense of the Lateness of the Hour and are zealous
to Warn folks to embrace HIS TRUTH while they still can.  Urgency ...not Fear is our
reason for our Posts.  We WILL keep warning as long as the H.S. tells us to.  What
TRUE FEAR when we are told to STOP !   Seek HIS VOICE !   Maranatha !  T H