Brad (1 May 2016)
"The days of NOAH!"

My wife is pregnant with our 3rd child.  In our search for names we both expressed interest in the name Noah.  We put much thought into selecting the names of our kids, deliberately trying to choose names that aren't too popular or trendy.  You can imagine our shock when we saw the following chart for the name Noah:

Noah is the #1 name in the country!  It is listed as the Top 1-year gainer, Top 10-year gainer, and the Top 20-year gainer.  We thought that this OT name would not even be in the top 100, much less number 1.  What could be behind this recent popularity I thought?

I truly believe that God led us to the select the names of our first two children.  A name is such an important thing, and I have no doubt that God influences the selection of such.  The Bible tells us that he knows us by name (Just like Jesus and Zacchaeus - Luke 19:5).  In fact, Isaiah 49:16 tells us that He has engraved our names on the palms of his His hands.  The first 10 names of the OT even spell out the Gospel message in the most amazing way which God surely orchestrated!

So if God is concerned with names, is it that much of a stretch to think that He would be behind this meteoric rise in popularity of the name Noah?  In these last days, it is not hard to get His point as we ponder the chart above.  As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be with the coming of the Son Of Man.  This is certainly the days of Noah as far as name popularity goes...  Just one more amazing sign pointing to the lateness of the hour in my view!

Thank you for reading, I would enjoy any comments or thoughts you feel led to send my way.