Anthony Mak (29 May 2016)
"Fresh revelation from the Lord about Noah & Lot's days linking to the Rapture timing...."

The Word of the Lord mentions specifically that the coming of the Lord ( which is the Rapture ) is liken to two ( 2 ) very specific events in history, namely:- THE "DAYS" OF NOAH and THE "DAYS" OF LOT, COMBINED! In other words, you can't have one without the other AND there will be two events quite "similar" ( liken ) to these two events that MUST take place before the Rapture can happen! This may give rise to some deeper considerations or re-considerations that the long time believe that there will be NO literal signs or warnings before the Rapture may not be entirely true but rather only "hidden" until the time for God to reveal them, just like many of His other "mysteries" in the Bible....

Since the Rapture is only one ( 1 ) event and is "liken" to BOTH the days of Noah and Lot happening "AT THE SAME TIME" or at least, "overlapping" each other, just before the Rapture, then, how is it going to "play" out and why did God pick these two ( 2 ) particular events that happened years ( centuries, in fact ) apart from each other, to become THE COMBINED "ONE" BIG TIME "watch event" for THE RAPTURE?? AND, has these two modern day "similar" events taken place already or not??

The days of Noah were connected to a worldwide flood that eventually took place nearly 100 years later after Noah began his warnings. ( Noah was given the "terminal" message from God when he was 500 years old and the floods came when he was 600 years old.) It was still possible then for many to take heed of his warnings at that early stage to be prepared to "escape" it with Noah because many were perhaps, still "not tainted in their blood" by fallen angel DNA yet but by the time the flood event was near, maybe a few years before it happened, the whole entire human race were largely contaminated already with maybe very few left untouched by the "seed of Satan" and even the few that were still "clean" ( if any at all ) somehow rejected Noah's preaching.

On the other hand, the days of Lot were connected to a massive fire and brimstone judgment that just took one ( 1 ) day to wipe out some specific cities and it was not a worldwide judgment unlike Noah's flood.

Both these events are quite different from each other but as God would have it, both of these events has been set apart by Him to be linked to 2 other "similar" events in the last days that will somehow, point to 1), warn about the Rapture at an early stage AND 2),"announce" the timing of the Rapture!!

"Noah's days" will "warn" about the Rapture and depicts a similar time in the future when the whole world or at least the whole world's Christians, before the Rapture, WILL be receiving a CLEAR "TERMINAL" MESSAGE from God that "TIME IS UP" just like when He spoke to Noah when Noah was 500 years old BUT it will take some time for it to be finally fulfilled. Has this similar event happened already in our time?? The answer is "YES" and the WHOLE WORLD ( just like the flood was a "whole world" event ) knows it as the birth of the State of Israel in 1948!! ( And the Rapture hasn't happened yet because its been waiting for "Lot's event" to take place....)

"LOT'S DAYS" on the other hand, which happened much later after "Noah's flood", ( Israel's birth ),WILL MARK THE ACTUAL TIMING OF THE RAPTURE!!!

The very vital question then is, has a similar "Lot's days" also taken place in our time already?? The answer is also "YES", SINCE, JUNE 26TH 2015 in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! ( modern day Sodom and Gomorrah ) Its almost been a year since then and in accordance to the same "pattern" as Lot's days, a great "FIERY & BRIMSTONE" judgment ( perhaps its a sudden attack or calamity ) is coming to specific cities in the USA SOON and it will happen in just ONE ( 1 ) day!!! ( IT WAS ALREADY "DUE" LAST YEAR according to the "type and shadow" and is now definitely only waiting on God's perfect concluding timing of all things.....perhaps INSIDE THE JUBILEE YEAR.....)

The good and great news is, according also to the Lot "pattern", THE RAPTURE TAKES PLACE JUST BEFORE OR JUST MINS. OR HOURS BEFORE THE "FIERY JUDGMENT" SUDDENLY FALLS ON USA....ITS VERY SOON BROTHERS AND SISTERS as I don't think God can stand the stench of the sexual and moral decay/perversion of the USA much longer ...DON'T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD!!

PS: Further interesting note: If USA is more likely to be Sodom and Gomorrah, then, IT WILL BE HEAVILY CRIPPLED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE RAPTURE WITH AT LEAST FOUR OR FIVE MAJOR CITIES AFFECTED! That's maybe why its not mentioned in the tribulation....we'll soon see and know for sure.....STAY READY.......