TH (31 May 2015)
"JADE/HELM 15/ NIBIRU 1st Arrival Mar. 26 2016  (2n"

JADE/HELM 15/ NIBIRU 1st Arrival Mar. 26 2016 (2nd Pass-by +150 days)*

This is all over the Net nowadays and people are asking a lot of questions about it.
We're being told, by Gov. people and the Military that it is a "routine" Mil. exercise
and it's nothing to be concerned about.  This by people that are known for being
"Truthful" about their activities when it comes to our "National Security".  And of
course the Media accepts that explanation and goes on to tell us the latest on the
Kardashians.  Nothing to see here, move along !  We've heard all manner of theories
as to what it is REALLY about, from Pre-Invasion, to Natural Disaster Preparation, to
Pole Shift, Pandemics and what not. So WHAT is the REAL PURPOSE ?  I have an
opinion I would like to put forth.  In keeping with the old axiom of "Ocams Razor"
which states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, let's look at
what we know to be true.  The BIBLE !   That's TRUE !  Does it have anything to say
about anything we could connect to what the "purpose" of this exercise really is?
How about the part where the "Rich" men (rulers, Kings, etc.) try to hide themselves
in the "rocks" for fear of the WRATH that is coming on the Earth.  NIBIRU ! = Wrath !
Won't do em any good though, they get their's in the end.  In their minds however,
they are going to do any and all things they can think of to ensure their survival and
spare "no expense" (of our money) to make sure they make it through the upcoming
Cataclysm with as little inconvenience to themselves that our money can buy.
If you look at a map of the "under ground" bases and connecting tunnels, the
majority of the intersections and the largest of the bases are located in the areas
where J/H15 is being concentrated.  It doesn't take a trained strategist to conclude
that they are setting up a "Martial Law" perimeter around the Main Access Points to
their LAIRS.  This is to keep away the Panicked Population from trying to get into their
"Hidey Holes" when the people finally realize the Threat they face if they stay above
ground.  The OBJECT of GOD'S WRATH will become evident at some point in the
future and will be then undeniable by the LIARS who are currently ruling over us.
Another scary aspect of this "Exercise" is that they are using a large amount of
Foreign Troops.....Why?  They have determined, and rightly so, that American troops might be reluctant to "fire" on fellow Americans whereas the Chinese and
Russians would have no compunction at all.  The troops start with a designated
perimeter and then retreat (backwards) to the entrances as they become overwhelmed by the numbers of panicked civilians trying to reach the safety of the
under ground refuges the ELETES have built for themselves. One note of wry humor
(strictly American) is that when the Foreign Troops get to the entrances, they will find themselves "Locked Out"  If you think the ELETES are going to share their
cashe'of goodies with these killers of Americans, you don't Know the Eletes.  They
are masters of the double cross and have no intention of seeing to the survival of
these Foreigners.  This "Scenario",  as gruesome as it is, seems to be the most
Logical and therefore the most Probable.  We, of course, WON'T BE HERE** to see
this all come to pass but will be with our LORD and SAVIOR ...JESUS CHRIST !
This would be a good time to make SURE that JESUS KNOWS ...YOU !   And that
YOU have a strong and undeniable RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM !  NOT Sure ?

                         MARANATHA !           *The "Bad" one !  The most Damaging.     
                                                        **but we all know people who will be, sad to say.
                                  T H

  P.S.  As further confirmation of this Theory, Governments (those that are "in the know")
          around the World are doing the same thing for themselves, to the degree they
          can afford.  Russia, for example, has built many more U.G. shelters, albeit smaller,
           than the U.S., but built them they have and are cooperating with the U.S. in
            "false flag" scenarios to keep their populations looking in other directions just
               as our Gov. is doing with us. an undeniable FACT !  Russia, however,
               plans on including more "common" folk than the U.S. ..that is also a FACT !
               China too has done the same and they intend to include as many people as
                they they intend to come through it for World Dominance after.
                  The Bible and History tell us what people did every time Nibiru arrived,
                     once every 3,600 yrs. or so, under many different "Names". They also tell
                     us that GOD saw to the SAFETY of HIS CHOSEN ONES at these occurrences
                      The KEY word here is CHOSEN !   Be SURE YOU ARE !